About Aliyah

Aliyah has been seeking God and Truth for her whole life. From the time she could speak, her questions and concerns were centered around the nature of reality, what happens when we die and how to connect with heaven. Growing up, she suffered with numerous health conditions, anxiety, depression and the continual longing for something more. Something greater. Through exploring modalities such as yoga, life coaching, holistic nutrition, reiki and all forms of spiritual traditions both old world and new age, combined with a keen sense of practicality and KNOWING that the physical/human life should be ONE with the spiritual/ethereal life, Aliyah has worked to bridge the gap between heaven and earth. Approaching all of life as one interconnected path towards unity, Aliyah lives and practices true mind/body/spirit connection. She leaves no stone unturned, and is interested in one thing - becoming the awakened master she came here to become while creating a space for those who are awakening to do the same. She is a teachers teacher who knows that the ultimate source of all wisdom is reality itself. You are here to be the next iteration of God, and Aliyah is here to support you in finding your truth, so you can express as only you can express.