Wanna go deeper with me?

The Mystery School is your guidebook for the awakening journey

The Aliyah Mystery School is a self-discovery program designed to connect you back in with yourself.

The program is split into three curriculums:

- One designed to give you the foundations for self awareness

- The next to help you integrate and process your physical nature

- And the third focusing on helping you develop deep Emotional Mastery via learning how to integrate your past experiences

- The fourth curriculum is about taking all the tools from the first three courses and expanding upon them. It's about connecting you to a RADICAL sense of unconditional love so that you can fully see beyond all shame and guilt - allowing you to create a life that actually works for who YOU are.

The subscription will give you access to three Mystery School curriculums, with over 285 lessons - both video and written as well as the private facebook group when you join. This program is designed to take you DEEP, so that you can connect with yourself and reality in a way that will enable you to walk a path that feels most authentic for you.

This is not a 'self help' program. This is a program designed to help take you deep into yourself, so you can re-discover and re-connect with all lost aspects of yourself, while learning how to integrate those parts into your current reality where you can finally EXPRESS. There is no 'end goal' here, no heaven to reach - but rather these will be the foundations you use to walk the rest of your life in a way that fosters your continual GROWTH and EXPANSION.

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